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Please see a recap of my lifelong musical project Moods and Modes here


Happy surprises in troubled times

Tableaux Electroniques

Old songs new beats


A cheesy pop song about caring for each others


Dance to the sound of colors!

Let's Walk and Talk

An easy listening nostalgic piece

Rags to Riches

A ragtime piece with a suspenseful twist

Come Out and Play Again

A simple rock ballad for complicated times

Moods and Modes, vol. IV

A new modal trip

From Dusk Till Dawn

A chill night

Oil and Water

Will they mix?

No More Fears

A small rock anthem in A minor blues

Don't Worry

A carefree swing track in C major blues


Subtle mood twists in B locrian


A new take on a celtic jig in G mixolydian

Kurai Umi

A fantasy trip along some dark waters


A passionate piece with a Spanish tinge

Moods and Modes, vol. III

D Dorian, F Lydian collection

Summer Sky

Ambient track in Lydian mode

Liaisons Dangereuses

A soft waltz with a swing heart in Lydian mode

Gentle Rain

A gentle ballad for winds in Dorian mode

Door to Elsewhere

A jazz sketch in Dorian mode

Clouds on the Road

A minimalist piano piece in Dorian mode

Fanfare for a Jester

The renaissance flair of the Dorian mode

Moods and Modes, vol. II

C major - A minor collection

Sound of Past Moments

Retro sounding rock in mixed minor mode


An eastern vignette in A harmonic minor

A Glimmer of Hope

A symphonic sketch in A minor

Easy Goin'

A happy fiddle stroll in C major with a blue note


A serene latin dance in C major

Simple Dreams

A simple emotional sketch in C major

Moods and Modes, vol. I

EP - Free download

Autumn Sunset

A latin jazz mood inspired by a minor pentascale

Sunrise on Mars

An alien synth salute the rising sun with a major pentascale tune


An electric piano makes the blues scale swing


A hammond organ makes the blues scale rock

Sail Away

Gently roll on a minor pentatonic boat

For the Joy

Jump for the joy with a major pentatonic tune