“Empathy” is an unapologetically cheesy pop song inspired by all the ways in which we care for each others, from the personal to the political level. It comes with no words, but you are welcome to sing along!

This is piece no. 29 of the “Moods and modes” project and its melody exploits both the G major and G major harmonic scales.

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Random listeners quotes :)

  • “Really cool. Loved that percussive melodic instrument that sounds like a music box.”
  • “Text is missing :) but very good instrumental!”
  • “Belle guitare, la structure du son est bien”
  • “Melody is so Italian! I love you people!”
  • “A little saccharine in a way that makes me distrust it”
  • “Amazing production, love the little subtleties and nuances! Great track!”
  • “Nice job, I love it so much”
  • “Lowkey creepy hahaha”
  • “This is wow jaw dropping”
  • “The videoclip is nice, the composition is good, but you should review the mix/master”
  • “Cool pop rock energy for sure”
  • “This is a pretty cool instrumental, it’s definitely unique. I’d like to hear a voice with it personally”
  • “Good rock track here, love the vibes!”