No More Fears

Available April 3, 2020

One way to face our troubles is to assert our will and fight back. “No More Fears” is a small rock anthem in that vein.
Confronted by a cocky horns section, the lead flute becomes progressively more assertive, supported by a dense arrangement featuring a string section, piano, hammond organ, drums and percussions.

This 24th composition of the “Moods and modes” project explores the A minor blues scale. The blues scale can be mournful, but I wanted to prove it can be assertive too.

If you think this piece sounds good, it’s thanks to these artful musicians and friends:
Mattia Pecoraro - Flute
Valentina Borgato - 1st and 2nd Violin, Viola

Massimiliano Salvan - Recording Engineer


The piece will be available on the digital stores on Apr, 3rd. If you’d like to spread some love and be alerted when it goes live, just click on the cover below and follow the instructions: