Moods and Modes: the great plan

“Moods and Modes” is my current musical project. Its purpose is to explore the feelings that the different musical scales and modes inspire (to me) by composing a collection of short instrumental tracks. The pieces are inpired by the wonderful improvisation method devised by Forrest Kinney

The table below will be regularly updated with the new scales explored, the new music composed, and all important things related.

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Moods and Modes: the Great Table

Scale or Mode Track name Stream and download
Major Pentatonic For the Joy
Minor Pentatonic Sail Away
Blues Scale, straight rhythm Geronimo
Blues Scale, swing rhythm Marilyn
Major Pentascale Sunrise on Mars
Minor Pentascale Autumn Sunset
C major Simple Dreams
C major Serenidad
C major with blue note Easy Goin’
A natural minor A Glimmer of Hope
A harmonic minor Scheherazade
A minor mixed Sound of Past Moments
Dorian, renaissance mood Fanfare for a Jester
Dorian, minimalist mood Clouds on the Road
Dorian, free jazz mood Door to Elsewhere
Dorian, ballad mood Gentle Rain
Lydian, waltz Liaisons Dangereuses
Lydian, ambient Summer Sky
Phrygyan, spanish tinge Duende
Phrygyan, insen scale coming soon!