Pentatonic scales

Pentatonic scales (musical scales with five notes per octave) are among the oldest used by men. They were developed indipendently by many ancient civilizations, and are still used all over the world!

Im my “Moods and Modes” project I want to explore the feelings that different musical scales and modes evoke by composing a collection of short tracks. So it seems natural to begin with the pentatonic scales. They come in many flavors, with or without semitones, and in different modes.

The major pentatonic may be used to express happiness and a cheerful attitude like in the track For the Joy.

The minor pentatonic lends itself to more serious (and diverse) moods. I tried to explore its thoughtful and meditative character in Sail Away.

Enjoy! And tell me what you think about it.

How to download these tracks

“For the Joy” is available as a free download:

  1. For the subscribers of the newsletter of this website
  2. From bandcamp
  3. From noisetrade
  4. (not for free) from several different musical stores

“Sail Away” is available from bandcamp or a lot of other stores